This time of year, with all the yard work we have, we might need to use a ladder more often. A ladder is a very useful tool to have. There is no special permit required to own and operate one, but does that mean that we know the correct way to use a ladder and be safe?

Its a sad fact, but 164,000 injuries are caused each year in the United States alone because of incorrectly or unsafely using a ladder. Many of these injuries have sadly been fatal, so we can clearly see how necessary it is to look at how to stay safe while using a ladder?

Safety tips to ponder:

The constant action of climbing up and down a ladder, in order to move it a fraction can be very tedious. Its an essential part of staying safe though, as overreaching on a ladder could cost you your life.

As strange as it sounds, the majority of people who have died from falling off a ladder, did so by falling from 10 feet or less. We may feel more relaxed as we approach the bottom of a ladder, but beware of over confidence, as this is when you could be injured.

Position your ladder in a secure spot before climbing it. Even if you don’t have to go up very high, any unevenness or shaking is very dangerous.

Ladders placed in unlocked doorways are a real danger, not just for the person on the ladder, but also the one opening the door.

Whether or not you are confident on a ladder, be very careful not to skip rungs when ascending or descending the ladder. You could easily loose your balance.